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Tips For Designing A Modern Kitchen – All City Realtor


Looking for some modern kitchen ideas? You’d be surprised what little it takes to build a contemporary home. Here are tips for designing a modern kitchen

Even if your home is taking on a rustic aesthetic, there is no beating the convenience of modern equipment. And the most crucial part of your house to install these new-age devices is in your kitchen. Designing a modern kitchen probably seems like an impossible feat— especially if you don’t have an eye for interior design. But you’d be surprised how little accessories can completely revolutionize your main congregation area.

Did you know that the kitchen is actually where people spend the most time in homes? Whether it’s just the immediate family, a Thanksgiving dinner, or a girls’ night in, the kitchen is the go-to spot for hangouts in almost every home. And now that you know that, wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice, clean, and modern kitchen?

All City Realtor is here to break down the latest design inspirations and to give you some modern kitchen ideas.

1. Modern Kitchen Electronics

In today’s world, the need for electronics is insurmountable. Everyone has at least two devices that they own, so we’re all constantly looking for a charge. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate electronic accessories into your modern kitchen design.

If you’re building your dream home from the ground up or you’re simply reworking your home’s layout, consider modern technology into your integration. You may want more outlets installed or maybe even smart appliances, like a self-heating oven. A lot of people these days are even updating their water faucets to be touch-sensitive for hygienic and convenient purposes.

2. Go For The Backsplash for a Modern Kitchen

Another must when designing a modern kitchen is the backsplash. Most people go for ceramic tiling for this noticeable accent, but wallpaper works, too. In fact, there are some really cool and creative houses that use everyday objects to add character to their kitchen walls. You can use pennies, bottle caps, or even your own design for a pop of color that gives an instant face-lift to your kitchen’s overall facade.

3. Modern Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is key if you want a more contemporary feel for this sector of your home. Natural light is the easiest (and cheapest) way to bring in beautiful lighting into your home. Consider having floor-length windows installed into your kitchen that will also save you on electric bills. Either that or switch out your lightbulbs for LED lights, which negates that typical harsh yellow setting. A brighter kitchen with subtle blue lighting is the best way to make your kitchen design seem more up-to-date.

4. Hidden Compartments of a Modern Kitchen

Hidden drawers and wine coolers are the most cutting-edge designs in today’s kitchens. These might come at the higher end of the spectrum when designing your modern kitchen, but they are totally worth it. Imagine having your trash not only hidden but upgraded to compact so that taking out the trash is even less of a hassle. It’s also become a common trait for kitchens to have electric outlets hidden inside drawers or as pull-out features within the cabinetry.

5. Add Length to the Modern Kitchen

And the last and most unique modern kitchen idea is to add overall length to the room. A longer kitchen will enable you to add more seating, making this hosting area seem larger. Plus, it evokes a more comfortable framework.

If you want to go for the gold, ask your home designer what can be done to extend your kitchen’s length to add in additional seating or extra appliances for a bigger and more contemporary kitchen design.


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