Real Estate Startup in Boston Torii to Expand Technology for Easy Home Buying

    Photo Credit: Faina Gurevich |

    A real estate technology company and licensed brokerage, Torii have announced a $1.4 million funding to expand its team to serve clients needs better and with ease.

    Torii was founded in 2017, and since then, they have been looking to improve their services to meet its clients’ expectations and beyond through the use of data-backed tools and machine learning to increase brokerage efficiency.

    Torii has a mobile application that buyers can utilize to search for any property of their choice – request property showings, make an offer and also track their purchase from submission of an offer to the home inspection report. All these are combined into a mobile app, which makes the home buying process much easier for home buyers and real estate agents.

    Torii has been intensifying efforts to ensure outstanding services to its client. The CEO and Co-Founder of Torii James Rogers responding to what makes Torii different said they are the best real estate brokerage for new home buyers and have been able to set up advanced technology to help clients find and buy the perfect homes without stress.

    He added that Torii was established after a horrible experience with a real estate agent, so they put their clients first in all dealings to ensure a satisfying purchase for any client.


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