LA Broker Jade Mills Says Wealthy Home Buyers are influenced by Comfort and Wellness


    Jade Mills, a California based real estate agent has stated that her buyers are more interested in amenities that promote comfort and good health than tech-savvy amenities.

    Jade who was ranked #6 on Real Trends 2019 list of top US real estate professional by sales volume, went further to reveal that home theaters and home gym are the two basic amenities that her buyers consider the most in multi-million dollar homes they acquired.

    Home Theater

    Most buyers are looking for comfortable screening rooms with large sofas and overstuffed pillows and not just a traditional theater-style room with features such as leather seats.

    “Instead of the old leather seats that were very popular, people want something fluffy and comfortable, and that feels like their living room. So that can be a family room with a big screen, or that can be a true screening room.”

    Home Gym

    People are looking to have their own gym so they can do workout at home instead of leaving their homes for a workout, says Mills. Though some buyers prefer to attend local gyms, other buyers are very interested in getting a home with a gym included, she explained.

    “People will say to me, ‘I want my own home gym so I can leave my bedroom, work out, shower, and leave for work,'” Mills said.

    Multi-million dollars home in Los Angeles are multiplying, and developers are looking to get the homes equipped with amenities that appeal most to buyers. They may want to consider a home theater and home gym as some basic amenities as revealed by expert broker, Jade Mills.


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