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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Realtors – All City Realtor


When it comes to buying or selling your house, there’s no greater asset than a real estate agent. Most people wrestle with the decision to hire an agent, especially considering the simplicity of do-it-yourself sites like Zillow.

However, with the right agent on your team, you are bound to have a hassle-free process, which wouldn’t be the case had you decided to purchase or sell your house on your own.

Real estate agents sometimes have a negative connotation associated with their title. People look at these people as money-hungry salesmen who will say anything to get their commission. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. In addition to being workaholics, a realtor’s number one concern is their clients. To give a little more insight into this idea, here are five things you didn’t know about realtors.

They’re Always Working

It takes a lot of work and dedication to be a real estate agent. Even after excessive schooling, test-taking, and paying upfront fees, most people don’t succeed as a realtor until their third or fourth year. Having this job is a form of entrepreneurship, which means you need to put in a lot of work in order to be successful. Real estate agents can work their own hours, but you’ll find that most don’t stick to the typical 9-5.

2. They’re Great At Marketing

One of the many hats that a realtor has to be able to wear is that of a marketer. An agent can be told by appraisers how much a house can sell for, but the best agents will be able to give you an estimate right off the bat. On top of that, agents are also savvy about ways to market your home in order to get the most offers. It might be Facebook ads, social media marketing, or good ol’ guerrilla tactics— whatever the case may be, realtors usually double as terrific marketing experts.

3. Realtors Are Willing To Give Up Commission

There’s this common misconception today that assume realtors are like a car salesmen. Salespeople, in general, have this sleazy nuance associated with them because people think that they’ll do whatever it takes to get your money.

And while it’s true that realtors work on commission, these people don’t have the same bite as the people in car sales. As a matter of fact, agents are willing to give up a portion of their commission to get the deal done. Most won’t admit to it, but when it comes to a couple hundred dollars and you getting your dream house, a realtor will generally favor the latter.

4. They Don’t All Own Houses

When you go to Starbucks and ask for a coffee recommendation, you’re going to assume that the barista has tried what they’re suggesting, right? So wouldn’t it make sense that the person selling you a home has been through the same home-buying experience? Believe it or not, being a homeowner isn’t a prerequisite to being a realtor. Despite how knowledgeable they may seem, your agent might not have ever owned their own home and may only have a second-hand idea of what you are going through during this process.

5. Not Everyone Can Be A Realtor

While anyone can take the real estate licensing test, not everyone can make it as a realtor. As mentioned, it takes a lot of effort and self-motivation to make a full-tome career as an agent. On top of that, agents have to stay up-to-date on current market trends, laws, and local stipulations in order to give the best advice. It’s an intimidating venture, which is why not everyone is cut out to be an agent.


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